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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BRIGHTS! continued

Brights also include the excellent shades of blue and green

Our loyal reader hannah asked for these as they match her skin tone better so here you are!


Gill said...

wow, that lime green body hugging skirt..?
i think i can see her ovaries..

Han said...

oh Ani they're great. Those shoes are to die for.

So now the next question is, would it be wrong to mix a bright in a colour like this with a warm bright colour like pink, orange or yellow? s that too much bright?

Gill said...

Well, with fashion you can wear whatever the hell you like.
If it were me tho, I'd be too scared of looking like a packet of Kool Fruits. It's more tempting to do one statement colour at a time. Ie, if you're going to do Look-At-Me, then you'd best make it evident which part you want them to look at.

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