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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Why is everyone wearing ugg boots??

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of people trolloping around in their uggs.

Now, for a while this was ok when we were in high school. We also rarely washed our hair and drew on each others arms.

Then, they were the ironically cool item to wear to uni, especially when hungover or struggling through an all-nighter to get that essay done.

But (or so I like to think), as we grew up we realised that our boots should stay well within the confines of our home, and at the very most might accompany us to the doctors if we're really feeling that ill. After all they have no grip (terrible on rainy footpaths), no ankle/foot support, the sole moulds to the shape of your foot and erodes to the pavement, the soft exterior of the shoe collapses when worn in, and it doesn't take long for them to get rather whiffy...

In short, they are the perfect shoe for at home. After all, they are a slipper.

So why on earth is everyone* wearing them? I was gobsmacked when I saw half of London skipping around in a pair like it was 1985 and they lived in Salisbury (Salisbury, Adelaide that is). I wonder if they are deluded by the 'UGG Australia' brand (there was a queue out the front of the Oxford St store) and the whole Australiana stuff (ie beer, kangaroos, crocodiles, uluru and now uggs). That would be a shame because it is an American owned brand.

Oh well. I actually miss my uggs. But for $US160 a pair, I'm happy wearing a substitute for now.
By which I mean proper winter shoes.

*Yes an exaggeration, but it really feels that way.


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