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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Why is everyone wearing ugg boots??

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of people trolloping around in their uggs.

Now, for a while this was ok when we were in high school. We also rarely washed our hair and drew on each others arms.

Then, they were the ironically cool item to wear to uni, especially when hungover or struggling through an all-nighter to get that essay done.

But (or so I like to think), as we grew up we realised that our boots should stay well within the confines of our home, and at the very most might accompany us to the doctors if we're really feeling that ill. After all they have no grip (terrible on rainy footpaths), no ankle/foot support, the sole moulds to the shape of your foot and erodes to the pavement, the soft exterior of the shoe collapses when worn in, and it doesn't take long for them to get rather whiffy...

In short, they are the perfect shoe for at home. After all, they are a slipper.

So why on earth is everyone* wearing them? I was gobsmacked when I saw half of London skipping around in a pair like it was 1985 and they lived in Salisbury (Salisbury, Adelaide that is). I wonder if they are deluded by the 'UGG Australia' brand (there was a queue out the front of the Oxford St store) and the whole Australiana stuff (ie beer, kangaroos, crocodiles, uluru and now uggs). That would be a shame because it is an American owned brand.

Oh well. I actually miss my uggs. But for $US160 a pair, I'm happy wearing a substitute for now.
By which I mean proper winter shoes.

*Yes an exaggeration, but it really feels that way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The New McQueen

As many of you may know I felt a real affinity with the clothes Lee Alexander McQueen designed. He was one of those people I felt left the world too soon and left a hole no one would fill. Naturally this got me thinking what the new shows would be like and if the label would go under. I'm not sure which I feared more; someone blaspheming his designs or no one starting the next chapter.

This season Sarah Burton took on the task as the next creative director and what a marvelous job she did. Not only did she pay homage to the beautiful fabrics and silhouettes McQueen himself used but she also started to steer in the direction she sees the company going, no small feat. I did not expect to like this show. However, i did. I even feel as if the wound of his passing has been balmed. I have no idea how long Burton will last here but as long as she continues the way she started it will be a prosperous few years.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moore Bulgari

There's nothing I'd like more right now than to be reclining naked with exotic animals, dripping in luxury goods.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Hello everyone!

This post is about nothing in particular, but is my chance to squish a pile of miscellaneous things into the blog and in general crap on in a way I normally wouldn't.

First up, I've been wasting some time recently watching old Full House episodes and it is just brilliant. I've brought along a little souvenir for you here....screen grabs of hair styles from season 4 (1990-1991). Its a pretty big sign that we're beginning to be swamped by 90s fashions if I think DJ Tanner's hair is the coolest. How did they do that fringe??? I had a Barbie doll that had a fringe like that. Yes, I would love to rock this look. But the reason I really had to give you a screen grab was because of this boy's hair:

Yes that's a mullet in a pony tail. Back view please!

The funniest thing is that this kid was giving DJ a hard time about giving Kimmy Gibbler the job as sports editor for the school paper (cos DJ is the editor of the school paper...but later on she gives Kimmy the job of gossip columnist and lets Little Boy Rat Tail here write about sport....aaaanyway....). I was all "Come on, Donna Jo! Give him some shit about his hair!!".

Also while I'm talking about Full House, I have two important words: JOHN STAMOS. Two more words: ON GLEE. Anyone who cares knows what I'm talking about.

I'm currently having a wardrobe crisis. I'm really enoying the brown leather thing at the moment, and all my accesories (ie boots and bags) for now are leather. So I need a new bag for my course next week, something I can fit books in, and I really thought I was going to be purchasing a brown leather satchel bag, but I've just realised that I love my black boots more than my brown boots (it's ok, the brown boots don't read this blog). So now I have to buy a black satchel??? Yuck! I'm on the verge of looking like Neo from The Matrix. I'd better make up my mind soon or else I'll be carrying my books in a shopping bag. Don't laugh, seems like they had a similar problem at Jil Sander in Milan this week:
So perhaps my shopping bag solution is just tres chic....

Finally I'll leave you all with a question: how low can you go?
I'm talking about necklines. How low is too low? When is it too much?
I get stares and whistles from men when I'm out walking because, of course, as I walk things jiggle and that seems to attract some attention. Now I have it on good authority that I "tend to wear very revealing stuff", and in my defence this is after trying to wear unrevealing clothing. So I put it to you, how low may I go?