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Monday, August 30, 2010

Models Shouldn't Give Advice Pt. 1

Shut your mouth Crystal Renn.

The American model was quoted by for their Fall 2010 Shopper's Guide as saying "the painted on eyebrow is such a brilliant idea" about Prada's new cat-eye glasses:

But perhaps the bigger disaster is that someone on thought it was a good thing too.

Unfortunately all I see is this:

Which then makes me think of this:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Say Hello To Your Friends.. / Party Like It's 1992

Anyone else here an old fan of the Baby Sitters Club books? I came across an article on The Vine pointing out how fashion is trending towards some very BSC-like styles.

Claudia, is that you?

This is not surprising considering we're cycling back around to the 90s (after having a huge 80s resurgence in the 2000's), and I've already seen blogs talking about how Elaine's (from Seinfield) ugly floral dresses with boots are becoming tres chic. Not too mention the post we had earlier about the 90s bralet.

My reading led me to my find of the day, blog What Claudia Wore. To sum up, it's a blog about Claudia (the arty trendy one) and her wardrobe and her days in the BSC. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan.

So this has inspired a new challenge, Ani, and that is 90s fashion comeback treasure hunt! I'll post whenever I see someone trying to pass off 90s wear as 2010's wear. YAY!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Go Try It On!

Ever wondered if your bum looks big in that, but haven't got anyone to ask?
Check out new website, where you upload a photo of yourself wearing an outfit with a description of the event you want to wear it to:

and you get some honest feedback:

The thing that I particularly like about this is that it is fun, useful and not cruel. Although I haven't personally loaded up a pic yet, I'm sure there will be a point in the future where I'm going to need it! I think it might work better if you're planning for an event a few weeks ahead, probably wouldn't be too helpful if you're deciding on something to wear out in an hour.

Also, its interesting to see what other people are wearing, check out the 'Give an opinion' part of the site to help others out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feathery Fun

I was at an exhibition thingo on Friday in Melbourne, and I met a girl there, let's call her Stacey (because I can't remember what her name actually was). Stacey and I bonded over her false eyelashes. I first noticed they were thick and soft, and on closer inspection realised they were made out from feathers.

Stacey was of Japanese descent so she had those fantastic almond-shaped eyes with the smaller eyelid, which I think is why this look really worked on her. I think on someone with big round eyes it might look a bit odd, but on this girl it looked very sultry.
Also she told me that there was no need for extra makeup, mascara was a no-no (although it helped that she had dark lashes underneath, black feathers on my blonde lashes might look strange).

The lashes are resuable up to ~10 wears, but Stacey said that proper care has made hers last much longer, which is good as they cost about $50 a pair.

So how else did she pull it off? Understated hair (long, down, straight), simple dress with one feature (ruffle along the shoulder line) and that was it. I don't think this would work with jeans. Nor would it work with a ball gown (unless you want to look like you're in drag).

So, if you want a pair, it looks like the best place to buy is online. Stacey said she bought hers at David Jones, and from my brief search, I'd say that would be the Shu Uemura counter (sorry, only in Melbourne and Sydney). So these are the ones that inspired this post:
And options range from entirely wearable to pretty + wearable to pretty crazy.

Entirely Wearable

Pretty + Wearable

Pretty Crazy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to pack for a trip by Gill

Ok so first up.
Go into the bathroom and pretend you're getting ready for the day. Grab every product you use.
Now go into your bedroom and do the same. Grab that bra you wear everday. Your fave socks etc.
Now do the same but pretend your going to bed. (ie night cream, pj's, book)

And now list 3 things you will do more than once.
So for me its' normally along the lines of:
1) I will be walking to my destinations where I will be standing for a long time ie galleries, museums, shops (pack: flat shoes, sunglasses, umbrella, scarf, good deodorant, tissues, hair tie, no flimsy flyaway skirts, bottle of water)
2) I will be going to dinner with ppl who I don't want to look slobby in front of (pack: clothes I can sit in for a long time, flattering outfit, decent hair product, nice handbag, pretty no fuss makeup etc)
3) I will be spending time picnicing and sitting on grass (pack: non-low rider jeans, comfy casual flats, long-bodied top etc)

And then add to that:
-a bumming around outfit (trackies and comfy warm top)
-at least one layering piece to wear under everything when super cold and to wear as a top when too warm (singlet or t-shirt)
- and your outfit for your main event, which for you is snowboarding.

Then you lay it all out and make sure all the colours go together. You should be able to wear almost every piece with any other piece you've packed. Now add up all the different outfit combinations and if the total is more than the number of days you are away, start taking things out of your suitcase.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stop the Press!

My Grey Pride post is already so yesterday.

Go back to Priceline ladies and ask for an exchange on your bottles of grey hair dye. Tavi Gevinson (of Style Rookie fame) has changed her hair colour from grey to red.

How to Put Your Foot In It....

.....more than once.

As demonstrated by Alannah Hill.

David Jones Spring/Summer 2010

Ahhh spring is here!
Well not really but according to DJs it is.

I've trawled through the pics of their spring/summer launch and have pulled out my favourites and a few that made me shudder.

I'm hoping once Ani gets a free moment she'll get her teeth into Sass and Bide's new collection (pretty please). So I'll reserve comment there as it's her territory :)

So first up: Dishonourable Mentions

If you're planning on playing Harlequin in an upcoming Italian pantomime and still haven't found your costume, look no further than Zimmerman:

And nothing says "I had to rush from my lifeguarding job to this premiere event and didn't get a chance to take off my one-piece" like this piece from the Ginger and Smart Collection:

And Camilla and Marc took inspiration from Bear Grylls and showed us how to make yourself totally fash if you've spent the last 6 months battling for your survival in the jungle :

But now, the Honourable Mentions go to:

Ahhh Fleur Wood. In my mind there's not much you can do wrong:

Collette Dinnigan here hits three trends at once showing off sparkles, sheer fabrics and asymmetrical dresses (and not quite a trend yet but I LOVE the huge bun):

I think Trelise Cooper has done the sweetest thing with the recurrence of the nautical theme:

Its wonderful to see so much red being splashed around again. We see more in Carla Zampatti:

And with Thurley:

Although I think this one is a bit of a miss (who would actually be able to wear it?! not even the model can):

Finally, despite their dishonourable mentions, Camilla and Marc get a few bonus points for the following creations:

So, do you agree?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grey Pride

If you haven't noticed yet, it's cool to have grey hair.

It's never been a very big deal if you are a guy and you go grey:

And there have been a number of classy ladies who have done that ultra-ultra-blonde shade which hints at grey as they mature:

But we've been seeing more and more celebrities hints of their grey strands and regrowth...

...and most recently a few of the younger crowd have just gone all out grey:

Although I think Kelly Osbourne heard old lady hair was in and thought that included a blue rinse:

What do you think? Yes? No? Would you do this if you went grey? Would you do this on purpose? Do you think Kelly's the only one who has got it right? Or are you too distracted by her boring cotton bra hanging out?

I Heart Glam Rock

I love glam rock. Especially from the 70s. All that lycra, hairspray, facepaint, glitter and semi-nudity. Really, Lady Gaga is doing nothing new (ok except for the crime scene tape over her pink bits, I'll give her that one).

So here's an overview of a few of my favourites:

David Bowie

Freddie Mercury


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And while hunting down images, I came across this - which was too good to not post: