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Monday, August 30, 2010

Models Shouldn't Give Advice Pt. 1

Shut your mouth Crystal Renn.

The American model was quoted by for their Fall 2010 Shopper's Guide as saying "the painted on eyebrow is such a brilliant idea" about Prada's new cat-eye glasses:

But perhaps the bigger disaster is that someone on thought it was a good thing too.

Unfortunately all I see is this:

Which then makes me think of this:


Mash said...

BAHAHHAHAHA, thankgod for women with sense!!! I normall like her. ill forgive her, what she has done for curves is amazing :)

Ani said...

you make me laugh Gill!!! these posts rock! i expect to see a Sartorialist style post at LEAST once a month about the fashions you see!

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