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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Heart Glam Rock

I love glam rock. Especially from the 70s. All that lycra, hairspray, facepaint, glitter and semi-nudity. Really, Lady Gaga is doing nothing new (ok except for the crime scene tape over her pink bits, I'll give her that one).

So here's an overview of a few of my favourites:

David Bowie

Freddie Mercury


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And while hunting down images, I came across this - which was too good to not post:


Han said...

BAHAHA. Dr Frankenfurter 1, Robert Pattinson 0.

But seriously, If I was a gay guy and it was the 70's I would totally hunt Freddie Mercury down and make passionate love to him.

Mash said...

gill i love this!!! its all so tru.... much like my almost-fetish for drag queens (only the 6"6 blonde ones, a weird mix of being a guy and being who i wish i was [the hot blonde part]) i find them al super hot in their rediculous clothes :) can u image if justin beever (i like to call him that) came out in something like that. BAHAHAHAHAH

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