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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to pack for a trip by Gill

Ok so first up.
Go into the bathroom and pretend you're getting ready for the day. Grab every product you use.
Now go into your bedroom and do the same. Grab that bra you wear everday. Your fave socks etc.
Now do the same but pretend your going to bed. (ie night cream, pj's, book)

And now list 3 things you will do more than once.
So for me its' normally along the lines of:
1) I will be walking to my destinations where I will be standing for a long time ie galleries, museums, shops (pack: flat shoes, sunglasses, umbrella, scarf, good deodorant, tissues, hair tie, no flimsy flyaway skirts, bottle of water)
2) I will be going to dinner with ppl who I don't want to look slobby in front of (pack: clothes I can sit in for a long time, flattering outfit, decent hair product, nice handbag, pretty no fuss makeup etc)
3) I will be spending time picnicing and sitting on grass (pack: non-low rider jeans, comfy casual flats, long-bodied top etc)

And then add to that:
-a bumming around outfit (trackies and comfy warm top)
-at least one layering piece to wear under everything when super cold and to wear as a top when too warm (singlet or t-shirt)
- and your outfit for your main event, which for you is snowboarding.

Then you lay it all out and make sure all the colours go together. You should be able to wear almost every piece with any other piece you've packed. Now add up all the different outfit combinations and if the total is more than the number of days you are away, start taking things out of your suitcase.


Gill said...

Just for clarification, Ani asked for packing tips cos she's going snowboarding and I got a little carried away.

Btw Ani....have you seen the Sass and Bide collection yet? I'm aching to hear your opinion!!!! :D

Han said...

That is exactly how I pack, I've never put it into words before, but thats it! The only difference is at the very end I always put in two extra pairs of knickers(ie 2 more than the number of days away) never know when you might get stranded somewhere, have to go to a hospital, or meet a really hunky snowboarding instructor...

and side note, as i've been to the snow a number of times, DO take extra socks, knickers and undergarments for your tend to get wet and even though hostels have drying rooms, they can smell musty after a couple of days if you just dry them and don't wash

also note, that the heating indoors is ALWAYS turned up super high, so though you will be rugged up to your ears when you walk somewhere, once you get inside you will need to strip down to single/double layers.

Gill said...

Ahh I do that with undies too! Except I recently explained it to someone as "and an extra pair in case you poo your pants". Hehehehe.

For the record - Han would be an expert suitcase packer too I'm guessing. We have very similar "reasons for travel" histories.

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