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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feathery Fun

I was at an exhibition thingo on Friday in Melbourne, and I met a girl there, let's call her Stacey (because I can't remember what her name actually was). Stacey and I bonded over her false eyelashes. I first noticed they were thick and soft, and on closer inspection realised they were made out from feathers.

Stacey was of Japanese descent so she had those fantastic almond-shaped eyes with the smaller eyelid, which I think is why this look really worked on her. I think on someone with big round eyes it might look a bit odd, but on this girl it looked very sultry.
Also she told me that there was no need for extra makeup, mascara was a no-no (although it helped that she had dark lashes underneath, black feathers on my blonde lashes might look strange).

The lashes are resuable up to ~10 wears, but Stacey said that proper care has made hers last much longer, which is good as they cost about $50 a pair.

So how else did she pull it off? Understated hair (long, down, straight), simple dress with one feature (ruffle along the shoulder line) and that was it. I don't think this would work with jeans. Nor would it work with a ball gown (unless you want to look like you're in drag).

So, if you want a pair, it looks like the best place to buy is online. Stacey said she bought hers at David Jones, and from my brief search, I'd say that would be the Shu Uemura counter (sorry, only in Melbourne and Sydney). So these are the ones that inspired this post:
And options range from entirely wearable to pretty + wearable to pretty crazy.

Entirely Wearable

Pretty + Wearable

Pretty Crazy


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