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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Bespectacled Spectacle

Put your hand up if you wear glasses. Put your hand up if you want to wear glasses. If you didn't put your hand up you can bugger off and take your decent vision and lack of taste with you because this next post is all about the oh-so-often overlooked fashion corner of eyewear.

I've included a range of people who wear eyewear permanently and are spectacle icons, to people who just look good in them anyway.

Woody Allen

Marilyn Monroe

Johnny Depp

Zachary Quinto

Velma Dinkley

Lisa Loeb

Kanye West


Hayden Panettiere

Dame Edna Everage

Chloe Sevigny

Napoleon Dynamite

Tina Fey

Elton John

Don't forget the latest trend:

Kelly Osbourne

Jonah Hill

Scarlett Johansson

My favourite tid-bit I learned while making this post is that John Lennon and Harry Potter - both iconic spectacle sporters - wore the same frame: the Windsor.

Which glasses do you like? Any important ones I didn't include?


Anonymous said...

very interesting! z

Han said...

I had round glasses when I first got glasses when I was 11. They had a green, purple and red patterned gold frame. With my semi-blonde-orange hair at the time and my favourite red tartan trousers, I was a sitting duck for the school bullies. Luckily for me there were other dorkier kids to tease! haha

As a glasses wearer at such an age, and the daughter of a glasses wearer for 60 years(since my daddy was 3), I know that as much as I love that people are embracing glasses currently (to the point where its trendy to wear them regardless of the quality of your eyesight), It will be a relatively short natured (cyclical) trend, and it will probably never be 'cool' for a child. Its sad but inevitable :(

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