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Monday, October 11, 2010

The New McQueen

As many of you may know I felt a real affinity with the clothes Lee Alexander McQueen designed. He was one of those people I felt left the world too soon and left a hole no one would fill. Naturally this got me thinking what the new shows would be like and if the label would go under. I'm not sure which I feared more; someone blaspheming his designs or no one starting the next chapter.

This season Sarah Burton took on the task as the next creative director and what a marvelous job she did. Not only did she pay homage to the beautiful fabrics and silhouettes McQueen himself used but she also started to steer in the direction she sees the company going, no small feat. I did not expect to like this show. However, i did. I even feel as if the wound of his passing has been balmed. I have no idea how long Burton will last here but as long as she continues the way she started it will be a prosperous few years.


Mash said...

the butterflies are truly beautiful! i would never ever wear anything close to this but i agree with u! kudos to burton (what a lucky creative name that is!!!)

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