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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work on Monday

So monday i spend my first day in a Meronika Vaine store. Im pretty nervous! Ill be work shadowing the managers for a month or so. This is similar to what i plan on wearing, however my boots are grey, the skirt isnt so short and my neck bow is also grey

Hobbs ivory blouse
89 GBP -

Wool mini skirt
$621 -

Bottega Veneta black boot
$1,080 -

Balenciaga vintage bag
$2,695 -

Calvin klein watch
210 GBP -

D g jewelry
$63 -

Ann Demeulemeester brass jewelry
90 GBP -

Marrakech Print II
$249 -

Modern Ethnic Print III
$169 -

Model with a side bun

shadow blur