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Friday, September 17, 2010

Leather and Shearling

The trend started a few years back when boots were trendy again, and then the return of the oversized leather tote and then the biker jacket, and more recently over-the-knee boots (hmm thigh-high leather), so really the logical next step is clothing. Winter clothing in leather looks like it will be huge here for winter, thanks mainly to this gorgeous skirt from Louis Vuitton.

We're seeing pants, shorts, skirts, and even tees, mostly in neutral tones, lots of caramel, camel, beige (which is really just the same as camel), black, brown, greys etc. I would like to see more of it in a green, like a military or olive green, which really comes into play a little more in the accessories (oo I saw a great navy blue leather tote this week.).

For summer leather, shorts, soft jackets for nightfall, and skirts would all work really well, especially teamed with softer floaty summery fabrics or casual denim.

For any season A-line leather skirts are a big thumbs up (although any A-line skirt is appearing back in stores which is a huge relief for me as they are very flattering). Leather A-line skirts tend to be plain, no extras, where as other fabrics tend to have an embellishment of some kind.

And if you're not bold enough (or cashed up enough) to sport the leather clothing look, you can rock out the accessories. Belts and watches are my pick at the moment, sticking to skinny bands and skinny belts. The narrower the better.
And then sort of in this field, there's a huge trend for the "shearling" (aka sheepskin) look, which was kicked off by Burberry, if you didn't know already, and has been picked up by every one.

Although the sheepskin trend is finding its way into everything, the key look is the bomber/aviator style jacket, and I think this is one trend we're going to cringe about in hindsight because it does not suit everyone and everyone is going to wear it. It gives the wearer such boxy look and cuts you off at the waist, and hides everything you have underneath. So if you have curves that need to be shown off, or disproportionately huge shoulders or a massive bum then this will probably make you look WEIRD. Having said that (and as I fall into all 3 categories) I will be looking for a jacket that satisfies the trend but is cut in a different way so is still flattering to my shape.


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