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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snap, Ani!

In response to Ani's earlier post, I am delighted that she and I seem to be so sartorially in sync.
I walked past a shop window last night and saw caramel high waisted pants and screamed out "80s! 80s pants!", but what really had me thrilled was that they were leather (as seen at MANGO):

So yes, yes and yes to everything you mentioned Ani. Yes to caramel coloured pants, yes to high waisted pants, yes to wide leg and yes to cuffs. Although I'll admit that I'm seeing cuffs more on cropped tapered trousers, which really is only an autumn trend as you really can't carry that over to winter unless you tuck them into boots (lightbulb! hahah I'm going to add cropped pants to my wardrobe now!). Also please note that there are some fantastic waistbands, a great detail if you have a nice waist and it encourages the trend of tucking in your shirt, the thought of which would have made me vomit a little bit 10 years ago.

And oh yes, leather is in, in a big way, but I haven't seen it so much on real people - but enough, I think this warrants a separate post.

As to Mash's comment on big hips, I think it's all about proportion. If you have big hips with a big bum and are carrying extra weight, then all of this is a no for you. But if you have big hips with a generally svelte figure (read: not overweight) than I think you can do this with the right accessories. Just be careful of big pockets and gathering at the waist.


Ani said...

i totally agree! i love that we snapped!!!! AWESOME

personaly i LOVE the second from bottom pair...AMAZING

the grey ones are something i see myself wearing with a tucked in white shirt when im like in an awesome creative role somewhere...seague

Mash said...

ummm.....sorry im too distracted by the most ginormous camel toe i have seen in a long time...eeew!


i like the 2nd from bottom pair too, i love leather, not a fan of that colour tho....i need to branch out i think!

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