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Friday, September 17, 2010

She's So Heavy...

Heavy winter fabrics for full or semi circle skirts are here! Obviously Mad Men-inspired (I'm so sick of hearing everyone go on about it), but it is so nice to see something so feminine and still sensible for winter*. I love wool. I love knowing that one layer will keep me warm. (And apparently scientists have tried to replicate wool's amazing natural properties with a synthetic fibre, with the verdict being nothing beats wool).

So most of my discoveries were made in Zara the other day, and the skirt I am most excited about is this one.

The fabric and buttons are straight out of my childhood memories of my mum's wardrobe.
Although the buttons on the skirt in the shop were more like this....

....these ones are still gorgeous.

I just got a real thrill out of the old school-ness of this piece, and can't wait to start styling it with more modern pieces.

*Apologies to everyone down under who couldn't give a rat's about warm thick winter clothing right now. You'll thank me later. xx


Mash said...

gill.... pls post a pic of u looking hot in this kind of skirt! all i have at the moment is visions of mormons in utah!

i like that u will have wintery posts and ani will have summery ones! i like it a lot! mwa

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