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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couture 2011- Armani Privé

I was expecting great things from this show so I'm not completely upset but I wouldn't say I was inspired which is not a compliment.

Things I liked:
Some interesting use of materials such as this blue jacket. I Also really like the wide neck and shorter sleeves. The matching bag is also a plus

I think this red jacket and skirt combo would actually look decent in real life but I'm having trouble imagining the body type it would suit. It does draw the eye to the hips which might make normal women look like they have shorter legs.

There is something about this jacket which has enthralled me. It might be the asymmetrical front, or the white sleeve. One again I'm liking the short sleeves. I dont think this is practical but since I now have long gloves anything that will show more of them off is fine by me.

Things I dont like:
We come to my main critisim of the whole show here...To me it looks very homemade and lacking in the details. This dress to me shows how alot of the fabrics and colour combinations look like they were taken straight off a tafe students binned designs. It doesnt even look well made.


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