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Monday, January 24, 2011

It Was Acceptable in the 90s

Ok, I get it. Timberland boots in the middle of winter make sense. Chunky thick soles. Waterproof. Plenty of space to hide your ugly woolen socks. But every time I see some girl prance by with her skinny jeans tucked into her oversized yellow hooves I have a flashback to 1995 and my older sister stomping around the house in her boots thinking she was the coolest. And she was. Timberlands as a fashion accessory were totally acceptable in the 90s. I'm just struggling to accept them now. Maybe I just have relax and let the 90s resurgence wash over me like a big floral/grungy/baggy jeaned ocean. Let's just hope the tide is out soon again.


Ani said...

OMG I KNOW! the girls here arent too bad they dont have the yellow ones on we have the beige and brown version atm.

They might look good on alexa chung but thats about it!

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