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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Grey my new Black?

I have been working super hard over the summer (HA what a joke its freezing) season so I haven't had much time to chat about fashion at all!

So I would like to introduce you to a few of my new purchases and a realisation that not only have I been buying for winter I'v bought everything in ONE COLOUR! this hasn't happened since the summer of ...thats right NEVER! This is what happens when my mind wonders I end up looking like a desaturated comicon nerd. (Yes I know she isnt at comicon but lets agree she should be and kudos to the EXCELLENT costume)

So here are items which are WAY more expensive than the ones i bought but alas this would get put off again if i actually modeled my new clothes.

Beaded cardigan - Jacqui E
Gathered ankle pants - Seed Femme (they are tensil!!!!)
Dress - Seed Femme
Long suede gloves - Country Road
Over the knee boots - Wittner
Silk Trench- Chelsea
Ribbon necklace- Forever new


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