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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couture 2011- Christian Dior

Well the colours were a little heavy and the painted on eye borws comical but some of the pieces were stunning!

I really loved the fascinators and the bold lip altho im not convinced red should have been used on ALL i think a nice dark brown would have looked good on the blue toned dresses

I was also impressed with the silhouette of the shoes. They had the elegant simple look but were surprisingly tall. Very feminine. They were shown in black, beige, white and this tan colour.

I have put them in order of favoriteness

Does anyone else think John Galliano looks like a Japanese action hero from the 60's?


Gill said...

No, he looks like Noel Fielding.

I actually quite like the red lipstick in all the pics. WIth the porcelain skin, they look like dolls. Very pretty.

Love the shoes, but I have recently developed a fear of too-high shoes, when I wore a pair of 5.5 inch wedges which I could NOT walk in (this is a first). Alas, my ankles are not invincible.

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