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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work on Monday

So monday i spend my first day in a Meronika Vaine store. Im pretty nervous! Ill be work shadowing the managers for a month or so. This is similar to what i plan on wearing, however my boots are grey, the skirt isnt so short and my neck bow is also grey

Hobbs ivory blouse
89 GBP -

Wool mini skirt
$621 -

Bottega Veneta black boot
$1,080 -

Balenciaga vintage bag
$2,695 -

Calvin klein watch
210 GBP -

D g jewelry
$63 -

Ann Demeulemeester brass jewelry
90 GBP -

Marrakech Print II
$249 -

Modern Ethnic Print III
$169 -

Model with a side bun

shadow blur

Monday, February 28, 2011

I Told You So.....

I haven't posted about the recent fashion shows because the overflow of 90s fashion completely overwhelmed me and I had no idea where to start.

Luckily, someone else has done it for me.

Did I not say that the 90s where coming back in a big way? Did I not warn you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couture 2011- Christian Dior

Well the colours were a little heavy and the painted on eye borws comical but some of the pieces were stunning!

I really loved the fascinators and the bold lip altho im not convinced red should have been used on ALL i think a nice dark brown would have looked good on the blue toned dresses

I was also impressed with the silhouette of the shoes. They had the elegant simple look but were surprisingly tall. Very feminine. They were shown in black, beige, white and this tan colour.

I have put them in order of favoriteness

Does anyone else think John Galliano looks like a Japanese action hero from the 60's?

Couture 2011- Armani Privé

I was expecting great things from this show so I'm not completely upset but I wouldn't say I was inspired which is not a compliment.

Things I liked:
Some interesting use of materials such as this blue jacket. I Also really like the wide neck and shorter sleeves. The matching bag is also a plus

I think this red jacket and skirt combo would actually look decent in real life but I'm having trouble imagining the body type it would suit. It does draw the eye to the hips which might make normal women look like they have shorter legs.

There is something about this jacket which has enthralled me. It might be the asymmetrical front, or the white sleeve. One again I'm liking the short sleeves. I dont think this is practical but since I now have long gloves anything that will show more of them off is fine by me.

Things I dont like:
We come to my main critisim of the whole show here...To me it looks very homemade and lacking in the details. This dress to me shows how alot of the fabrics and colour combinations look like they were taken straight off a tafe students binned designs. It doesnt even look well made.

Couture 2011- Alexis Mabille

I hear ya Gill. Timberland boots are fug. You must have put a fashion recession hold on me because as I was trawling through the lastest Couture shows i stumbled upon Alexis Mabille's (which I wasnt fond of anyway) and VOLA all I see is a 90's neckline.

The halterneck. I generally dont have a problem with halternecks as I am tall and so these fit me usually quite well. I am however wondering how women with large breasts feel about them. Surely it wouldnt look good? Would it mean a very expensive bra? All questions that need answers *cough GILL cough*

Monday, January 24, 2011

It Was Acceptable in the 90s

Ok, I get it. Timberland boots in the middle of winter make sense. Chunky thick soles. Waterproof. Plenty of space to hide your ugly woolen socks. But every time I see some girl prance by with her skinny jeans tucked into her oversized yellow hooves I have a flashback to 1995 and my older sister stomping around the house in her boots thinking she was the coolest. And she was. Timberlands as a fashion accessory were totally acceptable in the 90s. I'm just struggling to accept them now. Maybe I just have relax and let the 90s resurgence wash over me like a big floral/grungy/baggy jeaned ocean. Let's just hope the tide is out soon again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

If Ani were Claire Danes

If I could be a celebrity I would be Claire Danes. I LOVE HER! But I would still dress as me so a little bit more McQueen. This is what I would wear to the golden globes if I was Claire-as-me.

I have included a link to the McQueen dress so you can use the magnifying glass to really see the detailed print of the angles.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On one of my favourite sites they are running a competition to style an outfit using inspiration from the movie The Black Swan. Here are two ideas i had.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Grey my new Black?

I have been working super hard over the summer (HA what a joke its freezing) season so I haven't had much time to chat about fashion at all!

So I would like to introduce you to a few of my new purchases and a realisation that not only have I been buying for winter I'v bought everything in ONE COLOUR! this hasn't happened since the summer of ...thats right NEVER! This is what happens when my mind wonders I end up looking like a desaturated comicon nerd. (Yes I know she isnt at comicon but lets agree she should be and kudos to the EXCELLENT costume)

So here are items which are WAY more expensive than the ones i bought but alas this would get put off again if i actually modeled my new clothes.

Beaded cardigan - Jacqui E
Gathered ankle pants - Seed Femme (they are tensil!!!!)
Dress - Seed Femme
Long suede gloves - Country Road
Over the knee boots - Wittner
Silk Trench- Chelsea
Ribbon necklace- Forever new