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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Challenge: Affordable Fashion - Valleygirl

9pm Drinks with the Girls
11am Book launch


Mash said...

dont like the green jacket....but thats just really really like the second outfit :)

good job! assif those prices incloose such awesome shoes!!! i luv shooes :)

Gill said...

how great are those scuba heels? i had those short listed for one of my outfits :)

i'm impressed with the selection from valley girl.
on a side note, does any else despise those combined dresses? they also do combined cardis with tees. *shudder* i'd much rather pay for 2 items and then be able to get more wear out of them.

btw ani you get the gold star!

Ani said...

just in case u werent pissed enough at stuck-together clothes here you go! a whole blog archive of clothes that are stuff together!

Ani said...

Gill said...

Oh gee, what is with all of the combinations with socks? In particular I recoiled from the socks + jeans debacle.

I don't understand why retailers think this is a good idea.

Ani said...

neither...i really dont understand...unless in like the coldest part of russia someone decided they wanted to wear strappy sandals in the middle of winter and they went *lightbulb* ill wear explorers underneth!

Anonymous said...

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