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Monday, July 19, 2010

to crop or not to crop?

Iv had a huge issue with women wearing cropped shirts around the place. I didnt see how i could incorporate them into my wardrobe UNTIL i found a really cute pair of silk cigarette pants that would dress up a really nice top so here we have it! ohh and snaps for Gisele for helping us out with our blog :)
so here we have a black and white stripped bat wing cropped tea with black raw silk cigarette pants


Han said...

I like these pants a lot, but a cigarette pant is only appropriate for thin or straight legs yes? Is there an alternative for curvier legs?

Ani said...

ok so...i dont have long legs (yes im tall but its all relative) and my legs are thick BUT iv worn cigarette pants which A) were of a matte material so not to highlight roundness of thighs B) had no pocket details at all...

for you i would make sure they were the right length and not too short as to be 3/4 and not too long as to be very short normal pants AHAHAH

Han said...

ahaha. I can hear the 'mean girls' snickering at my too-short-normal-pants now.

matte is a good idea! I'd never thought of that before. In terms of length, I'd never ever be able to buy something like this off the rack!!!

Gill said...

Good point, Han.

Although that is one of the great things about cigarette pants, taking the hem up/down doesn't change the shape of the leg. So you could probably get a pair and adjust accordingly and they wouldn't look altered.

Some other things to consider when wearing cropped pants, especially if you are not very tall - heels will add length, especially nude/beige/blush, and will prevent you from looking like someone hacked bits of your legs off.

Oh this reminds me of a dad joke from a friend's father back in 1999 when i was sporting a pair of hot pink capris i had sewn myself: "why don't your shoes have a party and invite your pants hem down?".

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