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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Courtney Wore Today

Courtney Love made this blog in response to all the terrible photos of her so prominent online.

I found it suprisingly enjoyable!


Ani said...

interest9ing indeed! figure wise she reminds be heaps of renne zellweger, my fav is that white quilted celene dress OMG LOVE

Gill said...

I think it's her fave too, she seems to be wearing it a lot! :)

Do you understand her ramble about the mary-janes? I understand that there is enigmatic status, but I don't quite follow what Courtney Love is dribbling on about...

Mash said...

omg shes such a crack whore! complete with scabs from thinking she can pull the ants out that are crawling in her veins! she is y i hate red lipstick on me! i feel like i look like her! and it makes me more jealous that girls such as u all (except i havnt seen hannah in any) look great! grr

also...i hate HATE!!! mary-janes... unless ur over 65 and have them in a metallic colour...then ur old and it becomes cute! what a waste of buying a manolo!

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