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Monday, July 19, 2010

Love to loathe

For as long as I care to remember (aka after I had my braces off and stopped wearing overalls) I have enjoyed fashion. I have always loved the new and different ways to wear colour, shapes

and lengths.

From time to time there comes a collection from a designer that I don’t like and decide to put my love for them on ice until I am in love with them again. For example the 2003 Versace couture. Days of our lives much?

There is also the designers that I LOVE to HATE. Everything they do I hate and revel in my loathing of them and their designs. I am aware this is childish and mean as I haven’t actually met them but I shall not be swayed! In particular the brand that rises above all in the love to loathe category is Sass and Bide.

From the designers who made them, to the C grade celebrities who wear them to the rich private school girls who wear them to their 18ths birthday parties.

Disagree? Have a gander at these beauties…

I was firm in my resolve never to wear, buy or even replicate ANY of their looks. That was until I saw some of their clothes from last season. I slowly started to look at them in a different light…I didn’t hate them! I actually came very close to liking a few of the bodysuits. I thought to myself that this was just a faze and was very sure the following range would be as loathsome as the ones that came before so I didn’t worry about it.

Recently I had the misfortune to stumble upon their website…and once again I went from like to love for a few of their items…

It’s a three stike world so i was really lucky to find these...phew!!! and back to loathe


Gill said...

Bahahahaha! Ani! I LUUUUURRRVED the huge hair! and then i realised you were paying it out :(

Those silver pants are so ugly.

What always fascinates me about sass & bide is that their clothes are designed for RAKES, yet so many women with bodies FAR FROM RAKISH wear their designs. Why?? Why?? Oh WHYYYY?

Also as a curvy girl with hips and boobs and bits in between, I always felt that the Sass&bide toting part of the population flaunted themselves like the cool girls club, and I wasn't allowed to sit with them at lunch because I couldn't fit my fat arse into two unrealistically tiny tubes of denim. Just sayin...

Ani said...

OHH DUDE THATS SOOO TRUE!!!!! and i did like the hair in the first pic too :) ill add a post about this...

and i agree with the s&b thing...thats maybe y i dont like them as a second reason because i dont feel like im allowed the denim hotpants club

Han said...

I love the hair too. love love love.
I also love sass & bide jeans. they are the only ones in the world (that i can afford) that fit me like a glove. small statured, yet proportionatly curvy girls around the country will agree, i assure you.

Gill said...

oh now thats good to hear han.
so maybe ani and i are just a little too large (tall?? not me!) for them.
in which case we should be glad that they are catering for the tinier ppl in our community.

and i do admit, the jeans look great on ppl who can squeeze into them WITHOUT the muffin topness. eg Han

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