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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


SO Gillian the gauntlet is thrown! I have had Ashlyn pick two events which we will need to dress our fictional ladies for...
  • 11am book launch
  • 9pm drinks with the girls on a friday OR saturday night
You must dress yours from...*drum roll* Supre! AHAHHAHHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

And where shall i dress mine from?


Gill said...

Ok, so are we both doing both events?
I challenge you to.....Valley Girl!! (heheheh)

Ani said...

we are both doing both events altho i think we can use some accessories from other places provided they are under 100 each...cos shoes from supre? not happening!

Gill said...

Shoes have to be from Betts.
How about we make it any price, but who ever's outfit totals out as the least expensive gets a gold star?

Ani said...

ok :)

Anonymous said...

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