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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paris Shows


highlights for me: the chanel lion's head on the male escort, stephanie rolland's collection, basil soda's pink dress
what think you?

- Gill


Gill said...

"DEF the lions head, i somehow feel the stephanie rolland collection is a bit stale...LOVED the new materials but i was expecting more...i dont know what tho!!!, also loved blake livlerly's hair and the colour of that leaf skirt...would look excellent with this new veronica maine shirt i have :) "

Gill said...

YES to that red dress. i forgot about the red dress

check out what they said about blake's outfit on go fug yourself (it's the first post, don't worry)

Gill said...

Ani: "OMG i want to be a hot american teenager and have a summer romance :( AHHAHA

i like it...wouldnt work on anyone less blonde or short or stumpy, but its nice to see someone not so skanked up..and i said that WOW must be getting olde!"

Gill said...

have u seen the dita von teese strip for j-p gaultier?

Gill said...

Ani: " i did and she is sooo hot! i wish i looked like her! i dont like her like pin up girl look anymore tho im HEAPS sick of it...seems like im a bit bored with eveything these days! AHAHAH"

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