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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to wear Military- Part 1 NAVY

ok so i thought that since the military usually has different like forces that we shouldnt group the style all into one look so iv split it into three; the Navy, the Army and the Air force . SO yall might not particularly like all of these but this is my take on it all :)

to start us off is the navy (also ignore terrible graphics, i just dont have time to do a good job)


Mash said...

i actually really really love the wasitcoat with jacket combo... is kinda gender ambiguous...but in a good way, and worn with a cute skirt and heels would kinda be a cool contrast :)

i like white and navy...i would wear any of this :)

Gill said...

Ahh the breton stripe. Although I could never wear it in a skirt.
Hahaha as I wrote that I remembered I have chunky knit dress with a loose wide turtle neck in navy and white stripes!! It's my favourite weekend winter item (over legging and boots - too easy!)

Mash, I love the waistcoat too - the double breasting makes it different to all vests that have been around (which are so tiny and flimsy I swear they have absolutely no function whatsoever).

Also is that a Chanel pin with a tassel?? Nice!

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