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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Last Year....

I was just doing some searching in relation to Ani's cropped pants post, because I was certain that I had recently read something somewhere, or seen a photo, or something.

As part of my hunt I was trudging through Jess Cartner-Morley's page for the UK's Guardian, and was horrified as I back clicked my way to her articles from the months of the northern hemisphere's winter.

What did I find that was so horrifying? Articles on everything from how to wear velvet to the return of big shoulder pads.
Now I'm not so down on Ani or I being behind the times (neither of us can claim to be experts here), but I am so dissappointed with southern hemisphere media! They should be on top of things. They should be providing us with articles about velvet, six months ago!

And on the same thread, why do we have to be backward? Why can't we set the trends for Europe's next winter? After all by time zones, we're ahead.....why can't we be fashion forward too?

(Answer: because last time I checked nobody lives here).


Ani said...

here here!!!! so true! its soooo frustrating! maybe we should pretend to be from a fashion blog and try and get interviews with australian fashion houses and ask y they are so behind ;)

Mash said...

do it!

Han said...

and then ask for free stuff....i'm a size 10....

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