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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Part 2 - The Army


Mash said...

eeeew...not at all for me

but these colours are amazing on others...gill because u have a remnant ranga gene...ani cos u somehow have diff skin to me

Han said...

I would feel like I was marching for Stalin in some of this 'fashion'. geez this whole industry is a joke sometimes.

"ahh bread is great, its really yummy and wholesome and the contrasting textures of the doughy softness with the seedy multigrains is just fabulous. Lets make a clothing range based on bread. It'll be fabulous."

wank wank wank

Gill said...

Mash you're right, this colour looks really good on people with warm skin/hair tones.

I particularly like the red coat, but would never wear it.

Han, to some extent I agree. It seems like a profanity to wear certain items for fashion.

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