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Monday, July 12, 2010


some of my fav belted looks at the moment :) my ultimate fav is the one with the gold skirt and white shirt...omg i wish i could pull that off!!!! its AMAZING! ohh and the orange dress, ive decided orange is my colour for spring...lets see if i can ever find anything!


Gill said...

nice belt looks! i try to avoid the belt look because i recently watched mum's dvd of cashmere mafia and realised they are ALL ALWAYS wearing wide waist belts and i thought "ergh that was a HUGE trend for a while".
BUT i do like wearing my brown belt around my waist to make me look less like a sack at work. so i am sure that even though it was a huge trend it has always been a classic styling technique, and i think your pics have proved just that.
orange dress is a yes, as long as u stay away from fake tan.
side note: i HEART asymmetrical dresses.

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