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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Galliano for Dior

AMAZING!!!! i woke up today to images of flowers from john galliano!

J'adore Galliano et Dior!!!!

which was ur fav?? iv attached mine

the sillohettes reminded me a bit of wvienne westwoods a good way of course!!!


Gill said...

i agree i agree i agree!
i also love that pink purple and white one in the background, its like she's wearing a big carnation! so i think that would be my favourite and/or the black one with the pink bits. oh wait no i can't decide!

i normally hate flower themes, but this is gorgeous.

did u see the black shoes?!?! they look like a garden bug. but in a good way. also in a how-is-she-still-standing way.

but did u think the pink gloves kind of looked like washing up gloves?

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