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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Old Spice Guy

This really has nothing to do with fashion except that this guy just looks nice. Really, really....really nice...

The Old Spice ad that Isaiah Mustafa features in has been a big hit on youtube.

Ahh anyway, I can't really write anymore than that. I'm too distracted...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julia DeVille

I knew I said I'd stay away from the blog today, but I stumbled across this and just had to share.

Julia DeVille is a jeweller and taxidermist, with a rather unusual taste in designs, including brooches of birds wings, cat rugs, and general gothic art inspired pieces.

I haven't put any of her photos up, in case some people find it disturbing. But it is definitely interesting and unique, if you'd care to venture look on her website.

There are also some interesting pieces of taxidermy at her upcoming exhibition in Melbourne: Night Plutonian Shore. Click here to see a preview - in particular I liked the Charon Kitten (but it would be nicer if it were an alive kitten....)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BRIGHTS! continued

Brights also include the excellent shades of blue and green

Our loyal reader hannah asked for these as they match her skin tone better so here you are!

Blackberry Jam

For jam i decided on a flavor; Blackberry.

Then i thought id use some key words which were sticky, shiny and purple

Bread cont.

Here u go!

I couldn't find where gluten free or enhanced fiber white bread came from :)


challenge accepted hans! AHAHHAHAHA

'Pain Couture' by Jean Paul Gaultier

"Bread is noble, bread is pure, bread is life itself — we can live without clothes but not without bread!" - Jean Paul Gaultier

For Han.


Part 3 - the Airforce

Part 2 - The Army

How to wear Military- Part 1 NAVY

ok so i thought that since the military usually has different like forces that we shouldnt group the style all into one look so iv split it into three; the Navy, the Army and the Air force . SO yall might not particularly like all of these but this is my take on it all :)

to start us off is the navy (also ignore terrible graphics, i just dont have time to do a good job)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rebecca Docherty

Rebecca Docherty is the LNP candidate for Griffith, going up against K.Rudd.

The media seems to be having little fits of glee over her, even more so as she once claimed she was not photogenic (although I think she may have been teasing them a bit) as an excuse for why she had no media released shots of herself, but now she has gone and done a shoot for Grazia weekly magazine wearing a mini dress and heels.

Personally I have no problem with this. As far as I'm concerned she can wear turnips as earrings if she likes, but I would expect people to judge her on her work and not her outfits. But let's see how that goes...

Anywho, I didn't know much about her, but after reading this little bit on the The Age, she doesn't seem too bad.


I Heart EL

I know this is just free advertising, but on the weekend I bought my annual bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, and I'm excited.

I love this stuff so much. It is the only product that I actually miss when I'm not using it.
It's quite popular too, apparently it's their best seller (in Australia at least).

As it is expensive and I feel ridiculous spending that much money on night cream for my face, I only buy it when there is a gift with purchase, and on the weekend they had the ultimate - a Create Your Own Gift, so I got to pick all the little goodies. So I'm currently in cosmetic heaven.

- Gill.

Willow Smith

She's 10 years old and she's FABULOUS. Look at what this kid wears!

I love that her look is bold, quirky, and so unlike what every other 10 year old girl is wearing. I sincerely hope that a stylist is not behind this, because that would ruin my awe. I hope that this is just a kid (albeit a rich one) who is comfortable, weird and creative enough to do her own thing.

On another note: Wow, she looks like her dad.

And I want that jacket.

Meanwhile, her mother is doing a Lady GaGa and not wearing pants:

ps Ani, look who's also rocking out the Military trend.


French Vogue August 2010

ok so here i have some brilliant pictures taken for french vogue and i love everything about them so im not sure if its the military theme but this chick (Malgosia Bela) looks like a prisoner of war...sooo gaunt! and i usually like skinny models. this one is looking just a wee bit sick tho *throws pie at gosia *

also fyi the photographer is Josh Olins and its the august issue with jewellery by Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari

Friday, July 23, 2010


Ani, they seriously did a "How to Wear Layers" article on The Age, and to make matters worse, they did a really bad job!

I thought layering is just what you did when you're cold? So how's this for a style tip: if cold this winter, put on a jumper.

90s Bra Top

Ok, so this isn't really a response to Ani's latest challenge, but I do enjoy leading her astray....

What Courtney Wore Today

Courtney Love made this blog in response to all the terrible photos of her so prominent online.

I found it suprisingly enjoyable!

Christian Louboutin Petal Pink Sandals

I think these would make such a fine wedding shoe! And imagine flashing the red sole at the minister on your way back down the isle shocking! ahahaha

Givenchy Haute Couture Winter 2010/2011

Clap clap for Givenchy (and by that I mean applause, and not chlamydia).

At first glance I was overjoyed with lace and gold, but then I took a quick detour down "What have they done to the curtains from my old flat?" disgust, which quickly worsened when I looked at the individual shots and realised that some of the "dresses" (clearly some are not), are quite crotch-tacular and one cannot help but LOOK.

But then another viewing (and recovering from the camel toe shock) made me realise that this collection has something that everyone complains is missing from most haute couture, and that is wearability. Would I wear it? And I think, with the exception of the mons-pubis-displaying few, that the answer is yes (time and place permitting).

Which brings us back to our round of applause, continue.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me

The Age website seems to have a thing for texture at the moment. Last week's 'Wardrobe 101' article was on velvet, and this week it's on furry vests.


in response

these are my favs from the topshop range :) yes they do actually look more like lingerie and maybe thats y i like them :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Topshop Bralet

What we love:
  • the zip
  • the bold print
  • the length (too scared to be a full corset, but just enough courage to make it halfway there!)
  • the moulded cup
  • boning
And mostly we love that it's not just us that love it, from the looks of the OUT OF STOCK status for most sizes we'd say everyone loves it!

ps we're putting this under affordable fashion too, only £20.

- Gill & Christine.

Challenge: Affordable Fashion - Valleygirl

9pm Drinks with the Girls
11am Book launch

Challenge: Affordable Fashion - Supre

(click to enlarge and zoom)
9pm Drinks with the Girls

11am Book Launch

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garance Dore

Oh! I haven't looked at this blog in forever, and just thought I'd share in case anyone else hasn't seen it...


SO Gillian the gauntlet is thrown! I have had Ashlyn pick two events which we will need to dress our fictional ladies for...
  • 11am book launch
  • 9pm drinks with the girls on a friday OR saturday night
You must dress yours from...*drum roll* Supre! AHAHHAHHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

And where shall i dress mine from?

Zara in Australia

Hoorah! The Zara chain from Europe's biggest clothing retailer is coming to Australia and setting up shop in Sydney - and it's no longer a rumour! And from this article on The Vine I'd say it looks like my whinge this morning is being answered...

On another note - I love this model's bun, and have been considering attempting it myself (as I have enough hair to do so..). However it sits quite high......Yea or nay?


well gents we seem to be suffering the cold this season so instead of showing awesome winter clothes iv decided to show you some of my favorite brights and iv also included an ebay column! booyah! also note i shall be doing a post about affordable nice clothes later this week. enjoy!

also i couldnt get it to work with one long pic thats y the cuts are spaztic

So Last Year....

I was just doing some searching in relation to Ani's cropped pants post, because I was certain that I had recently read something somewhere, or seen a photo, or something.

As part of my hunt I was trudging through Jess Cartner-Morley's page for the UK's Guardian, and was horrified as I back clicked my way to her articles from the months of the northern hemisphere's winter.

What did I find that was so horrifying? Articles on everything from how to wear velvet to the return of big shoulder pads.
Now I'm not so down on Ani or I being behind the times (neither of us can claim to be experts here), but I am so dissappointed with southern hemisphere media! They should be on top of things. They should be providing us with articles about velvet, six months ago!

And on the same thread, why do we have to be backward? Why can't we set the trends for Europe's next winter? After all by time zones, we're ahead.....why can't we be fashion forward too?

(Answer: because last time I checked nobody lives here).

Another Paper Doll

Han sent me her version of her paper doll attire, and I thought it was great, in even more contrast to Ani and myself:

Monday, July 19, 2010

well while ashlyn has been away she decided to sketch a dress...

which we then colaborated on and came up with this

to crop or not to crop?

Iv had a huge issue with women wearing cropped shirts around the place. I didnt see how i could incorporate them into my wardrobe UNTIL i found a really cute pair of silk cigarette pants that would dress up a really nice top so here we have it! ohh and snaps for Gisele for helping us out with our blog :)
so here we have a black and white stripped bat wing cropped tea with black raw silk cigarette pants

photographer drool!

a fav of mine i thought id share...Felix can he NOT be amazing with a name like that!

Hairy Scary

Well here's an exciting tid bit for you.

I went home for lunch and thought "heck while I'm here I might tackle that huge knot in my hair". You see, on saturday I realised that a combination of needing a haircut, wearing a swimming cap, overuse of curl-holding spray and wearing my hair permanently in a bun for 3 days had caused a mammoth knot to form.
I promptly ignored it until today (I know, pretty gross), by which stage it had grown to encompass ALL of my hair, and made me look a bit like a 1910 school head mistress (see pic).

So with the assistance of a shit load of detangling spray I beat the shit out of that knot. Took forever and I won't say I didn't fight back tears. but I am sure as hell booking a haircut this week.