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Friday, July 23, 2010

Givenchy Haute Couture Winter 2010/2011

Clap clap for Givenchy (and by that I mean applause, and not chlamydia).

At first glance I was overjoyed with lace and gold, but then I took a quick detour down "What have they done to the curtains from my old flat?" disgust, which quickly worsened when I looked at the individual shots and realised that some of the "dresses" (clearly some are not), are quite crotch-tacular and one cannot help but LOOK.

But then another viewing (and recovering from the camel toe shock) made me realise that this collection has something that everyone complains is missing from most haute couture, and that is wearability. Would I wear it? And I think, with the exception of the mons-pubis-displaying few, that the answer is yes (time and place permitting).

Which brings us back to our round of applause, continue.


Mash said...

i love the last one! in defence of the more curtain-like these shades its very hard to do soft and floaty without said resemblance. but who doesnt like the look of a lace curtain softly blowing in a spring breeze? reminds me of apple and cinnamon and armond blossoms :)

no redeeming qualities from the crotch view tho...

Gill said...

Oh I agree, it is easy to make that comparison.
Just as long as the dress isn't cut like a curtain then everything should be fine. :)

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