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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hairy Scary

Well here's an exciting tid bit for you.

I went home for lunch and thought "heck while I'm here I might tackle that huge knot in my hair". You see, on saturday I realised that a combination of needing a haircut, wearing a swimming cap, overuse of curl-holding spray and wearing my hair permanently in a bun for 3 days had caused a mammoth knot to form.
I promptly ignored it until today (I know, pretty gross), by which stage it had grown to encompass ALL of my hair, and made me look a bit like a 1910 school head mistress (see pic).

So with the assistance of a shit load of detangling spray I beat the shit out of that knot. Took forever and I won't say I didn't fight back tears. but I am sure as hell booking a haircut this week.



Ani said...

AHAHAHA i did that the other day! but i had to wash it and sit in the bath with LOADS of conditioner on it for any kind of brushing to happen...i used this spray on wax which is supposed to be better than hairspray...its not! NEVER use it!

it would be pretty long right now yes?

Gill said...

kinda. could be longer. but its long enough for all the girls at my hairdresser's to be totally jealous as they comb their manky extensions. :P

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