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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julia DeVille

I knew I said I'd stay away from the blog today, but I stumbled across this and just had to share.

Julia DeVille is a jeweller and taxidermist, with a rather unusual taste in designs, including brooches of birds wings, cat rugs, and general gothic art inspired pieces.

I haven't put any of her photos up, in case some people find it disturbing. But it is definitely interesting and unique, if you'd care to venture look on her website.

There are also some interesting pieces of taxidermy at her upcoming exhibition in Melbourne: Night Plutonian Shore. Click here to see a preview - in particular I liked the Charon Kitten (but it would be nicer if it were an alive kitten....)


Mash said...

whilst i found most of this a bit yawn...hving tastes that are more about sparkles and less about dead things...theres still something really cool about this! annnnnd massive respect for a) plying a dying craft (pun not intended), and b) using top quality materials!!! (i.e. 18k white gold, rubies etc...not the dead stuff).

id be more inclines to wear bigger birds, id feel less guilty about their death then. also... how stupid would i look with sparrow wings on my back (cos thats where id put them) much prefer an albatros

MWHAHAAH, cool find tho, i like boundaries being pushed

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