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Monday, July 26, 2010

French Vogue August 2010

ok so here i have some brilliant pictures taken for french vogue and i love everything about them so im not sure if its the military theme but this chick (Malgosia Bela) looks like a prisoner of war...sooo gaunt! and i usually like skinny models. this one is looking just a wee bit sick tho *throws pie at gosia *

also fyi the photographer is Josh Olins and its the august issue with jewellery by Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari


Gill said...

Great photos ani.
At first its a little weird....i felt like they were a tad disrespectful? But I guess when you get down to it, Military is a trend at the mo, and thats all.

I really do like the military look (i used boots in my supre challenge), but as I'm round and soft and girly/goldilocks looking I'm not sure how great it would work on me...(hahah i'm not denying that it would be great, the question is HOW great? LOL).

Speaking of trends, I'm really enjoying the return of the bold eyebrow. hmmm to buy an eyebrow pencil.....?

ps i can imagine you throwing pies at skinny girls :)

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