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Friday, July 16, 2010


I think it might be true!! I realised that I haven't worn a LBD for ages now....its just seems so unsuitable, especially when there are so many other options...
How about you?


Gill said...

Ani: "well it was a couture show, id be very unimpressed if they showed a lbd...

"Every woman has already got a little black dress," said Chanel chief designer Karl Lagerfeld after the show last night.

Instead Lagerfeld built this collection around a new angle on the homage-to-Coco schtick.

i find iv actually been wearing the lbd when i dont want to show too much personality, and by personality i mean my flamboyance with things that dont match! ahahah

i have illustrated the recent sightings of lbds on facebook..also note they arent all nice ones...just iv seen more latelly...

i so i think iv proved that A) lagerfeld is right in that everyone already has one B) there is no place for a lbd in a couture show C) ur more fashion forward than i am!

so to conclude i DO think the article is an interesting idea, but every year we get a "new black" too but the old never goes out "

Gill said...

hmm i agree with what lagerfield is saying, and i agree that something so ordinary is boring for couture, but i was actually avoiding lbd's when i was shopping for the wedding, they just seem to bland compared to all the amazing prints and geometric patterns splashed over everything at the moment. i'm not about to throw out my any of my black dresses, but i can't think of the last time i wore any of them (can you? and i mean as a "i really want to wear this" not a "i'm wearing this because nothing else looked good/was appropriate")
maybe it's just a matter of personal taste.
or maybe its because i'm going through a quarter life crisis and want to wear lots of colour! :P

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