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Monday, July 19, 2010

well while ashlyn has been away she decided to sketch a dress...

which we then colaborated on and came up with this


Gill said...

well done ashlyn, and that's surprisingly easier to make than it looks.

i love asymmetrical dresses. unfortunately i don't have much occassion to wear them - i also don't see any nice ones in the shop/can't afford the ones i'd really like to wear

is this creation purely a creative burst or hast the designer given serious consideration to the wearability? because i am pondering the following:
- how is the bustier staying up? (and indeed the bosom...)
- how much of her ass cheek is showing?
Then again, if this dress were to be worn by Gisele, i don't think either of my points would remain a concern...

ps that shoulder is a little bit 80s a little bit dynasty....which reminds me I need to write about my recent urge to stick shoulder pads in all my clothes... (maybe that's why i'm swimming so much)

Mash said...

well then my dear by all means....make me it! mwhahaha.

it was me dreaming about wearing something girly! i hate work boots, and cotton everything!

the ideas behind this dress are the following (be warned its all very cliche):
- a good mix of height and curvs...regal in fact
- a mix of soft floatyness and hard lines
- sparkles!

sooo, the lefthand side of the dress is meant to look almost like its a corset underneight that uve just let slip out. its boned and looks hard and unmoving. the other side is silky and floats making a bit of a contrast. kinda like... im strong and powerful but also pretty :) i wanted it split to the waist (in the front and the side) but in reality there would be much much more material in the skirt so unless u are taking giantic steps it would only be a hint of a split. but i made ani make her more curvy than she is (as u can see by my pic hehehe i put a butt in there)

i luv shoulder pads... not in a t shirt but they deff have their place!

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